Michael W. Smith’s 10 Best Songs

I’ve been a fan of Michael W. Smith for a long time. I discovered his music one night at a church lock-in. Laying down in a pew very early in the morning, I pulled out my walkman. My cousin gave me a couple tapes she thought I would enjoy.

The first one was Smith’s “The First Decade.” From the first song, I was hooked. Since then I have acquired every Michael W. Smith CD and have been one of his biggest fans.

I have reviewed all of his songs, (250+) and have compiled his ten best. How did I do? Did I miss your favorite MWS song?

1) I’ll Lead You Home. Picking the number one song was hard. When I had all of his top songs in front of me, this one just stands out. Its simple and powerful message of God’s love is lasting. The slow build up musically is something I really like as well.

2) Kentucky Rose. When I said it was hard to pick a number one song, Kentucky Rose was the reason. And as I sit and listen to the song I realize I may have made a mistake. The song tells the story of a southern preacher who sacrifices his life to save a little boy. Besides telling an amazing story in the five-minute song, it tells of a man who loves God and would do anything to save His children. This may not be as good as I’ll Lead You home, but it’s my personal favorite song.

3) I’ll Be Around. Also from the I’ll Lead You Home CD, this song let’s you know God is always there. Don’t give up on him, because he’ll be around.

4) How to Say Goodbye. A simple, yet powerful song. The utter helplessness of your daughter getting married and moving out I’m sure is overwhelming. The song just pleads and begs for understanding.

5) There She Stands. The song was inspired by President George W. Bush asking MWS to write a song about the tragedy of 9/11. The song is about the American flag and one of the most patriotic songs ever written.

6) Trilogy: Angels Unaware; Breathe In Me; Other Side of Me. The Other Side of Me was the song I dedicated to my wife at our wedding. While technically these are three songs, but really they are just party 1, 2 & 3 of one big song.

7) Grace. With Gods grace, we can do all things.

8) This is Your Time. The song tells the story of Cassie Bernell. She was killed in 1999 school shootings at Columbine High School. Reports say, one of the gun men asked Cassie if she believed in God. When she said yes, she was shot and killed. Would you have the power, the strength to say “yes?”

9) Above All. Probably my favorite praise and worship song. Look at the chorus and MWS shows that while Christ was on the cross, we were on his mind.

10) Agnus Dei. Perhaps it the Catholic in me, but I love this song. Angus Dei is Latin for “Worthy is the Lamb.” This was one of the first songs I learned in sign language. The song seems a perfect fit for Mass, I wonder if any parish has ever used it? It sounds very liturgical when you listen to it.

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