An Unbroken Family By Sarah Kroger

The lyrics praise the Holy Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—establishing the foundation of Christian belief. The song emphasizes the idea of God as a loving family, emphasizing the relationship between the divine entities and the human family.

The song’s central message is about healing and reconciliation. The lyrics describe how Jesus, by becoming humanity’s transgressions and being crucified, aimed to mend a broken world and bring people together as one “unbroken family.” The phrase “kiss of peace” refers to Jesus’ sacrifice, which reconciles humanity to God.

The lyrics also address themes of redemption and transformation. Stubborn hearts of sin and stone are humbled by God’s kindness and mercy, allowing the wayward to be reconciled to the Father. The song highlights the transformative power of God’s love in mending hearts and leaving them wild for His glory.

In the chorus, the words “undivided” and “reunited” emphasize the unity and connection achieved through Jesus’ sacrifice. The lyrics assert that nothing can separate the believers from the love of God, reflecting the strength of their bond.

This song is an expression of gratitude and devotion to the Holy Trinity, celebrating the unity, redemption, and love made possible through Jesus’ sacrifice. The ultimate goal is for humanity to come together as an “unbroken family,” reflecting the divine relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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