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Stephen King’s “N.” (Graphic Novel)

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Title: Stephen King’s “N.” – Download the comics
Comics: Four in the Series
Author: Stephen King and Marc Guggenheim
Rating: 5/5 – Near Perfect

This graphic novel is based on Stephen King’s short story “N.” It can be found in his 2008 book, “Just After Sunset.”  Wikipedia describes the book as, “a woman named Sheila writes to her friend Charlie about her brother Johnny, a psychiatrist who recently committed suicide. Sheila suspects it was due to a patient Johnny referred to in his notes only as of the eponymous “N.”

The graphic novel follows the story pretty close with amazing and terrifying images. You can buy physical hard copies at marvel.com for $4.00 each or you can download PDF versions of the comics here.

More information can be found: N. Is Here

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