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The Killing of a President

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  • Title: The Killing of a President – Amazon
  • Pages: 233
  • Author: Robert Groden
  • Rating: 5/5 – Perfect

One of my high school teachers first showed me this book when we talked about the assassination in class. I ended up buying it the following week. It presents complete photographic evidence for those who believe President Kennedy was killed by more than one person.

Robert Groden makes a pretty convincing case for the multi-shooter theory. It shows frame by frame footage of the infamous Zapruder film. As well as dozens of photos from the actual autopsy which show what looks like different entry wounds on the President.

The book is strong enough to make anyone question the Warren Commission. I thought it was much better than the questionable Oliver Stone movie, “JFK” which also presented the same theory. This book, however, deals with facts, not innuendo, and that was something I appreciated.

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